Time’s Destiny

Life is a path

With each one, his own set of wrath

In this path, we meet some folk

The meeting feels like destiny’s lock


We share ideas and render our outlook

We start to believe in the world out of of the book

The path seems nothing but clear

And hurdles bring an unexpected cheer


Alas! The time’s trick

There’s nothing to which you can stick

And hence the roads divide

Bound by duties the opposite they decide


The clock plays it’s game in the end

Because this is where it begins my friend


Janus offers a choice

Forget and rejoice

Or hope to again hear that voice


Nothing much matters initially

But you acted a part of fates plan, just fittingly


Next time they meet aura is different

Air is not so variant or radiant

Bonds have estranged

Times have changed


Well, Still some fool hope like hell

That someone would come and tell

It’s good to have you back whatever others might dwell

For I think time’s job is to besmear

But heart stays true irrespective of worldly fear

6 thoughts on “Time’s Destiny

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      2. Thanks for offer.
        I would love to but i won’t be able to be much regular. You see this my new blog and i want spread it to all those who love poetry.


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