Criticize and Decide

Unlike the cyclones that occurs naturally

Criticism never comes unintentionally


It appears more like a doldrum

Silent yet cumbersome


Day in day out humans have evolved

Many problems created and a lot solved


It occurred because we wanted to mesmerize
Mainly those who criticize


Their words pass through like an arrow

And goes deeper than a burrow


Somehow, someway that’s where our lives revolve

We want to prove the criticism our resolve


Perhaps that’s why we don’t give in

Because haters shall laugh and laughers will grin


Yet the ones who don’t care stand out

They are proud, where others think them strout


And yet the good and bad add and say

We are what we are because of this way


What “we” are is for you to to decide

You make it matter not from out but inside

So, be the change you wanna live

Because what you get, depends on what you give

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