Just a Factor Failure

The failure tries

To rise from lies

Using the mind’s riddle

Being itself nothing but a taradiddle

This is reality undeniable

Beyond the hopes liable

Still, some rise from the rubble

Countering each obstacle and trouble

They don’t count their setback

But they do come to know the things they lack

They know, where everything fails determination counts

Where complex solutions starve will mounts

For strength in muscles often runs meager

You survive only when you are eager

Laugh, cry, beat and stick

Once you enjoy, everything will be slick

Live in the moment, yearn for cult

Believe in yourself, think out of the world

For the greatness is just a name

It’s the journey you have to tame

Release your inner voice before the vocal cord breaks

Before the time shakes, plant the stakes

For each time you will fall

You will have a chance to rise

For each time you stall

Your will will suffice

Just jump into the crazy realm

Nobody has the power that you can’t overwhelm

Forge your destiny before time forges you

It takes nothing but efforts pure and true

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