Home It Is…

Man has sure established a lot

Good,bad,great,everything of each sort

The time taught lessons invaluable

And the efforts to strive unfathomable

The wheel of time elapsed

Each moment something we clasped

Something dear and near to heart

Something which was always like an art

The aim was never too clear

But we needed something to steer

Something which was simple yet great

Something which was unique yet straight

Things came and passed by

But one, which was more like an ally

And hence came forth the dreams of home

Somewhere where a person was no more forlorn

Truly said the Priest in history’s phase

Home and heart reside in the same place

The only place you laugh your heart out

The only place where you feel clear and loud

Only among the ones who accept

Who shouldered in laugh and when you wept

That company makes up a world

Where nothing is evil or curled

But in manner where obstacles weep

A journey is cherished which was actually too steep

Once there is such a thing

Yours is the world and everything

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