Variety, Time and You

God shape thy destiny, they say

defying the stars is mutiny, they say

the belief’s shouldered no matter the weigh


“The time and tide chose you”

That’s a foolish view

Try yourself in the field

It’s not your choice what you wield


17 year old astronauts die

The architect was forced to fly

Maybe we have developed

But the chaos has worked up


We wake in a world of bricks

Thievery, deceit and tricks

Work here in the hope of void

Empty bodies nothing more to spoil


I wonder if it’s really as bad as it look

even so, how long has it took

I just hope I am a pessimist who looks on the side dark

Maybe truly there is a spark


Just a wish keeps the body alive

For me, faith is the hive


Hardwork fails at moments unexpected

But striving has never ended regretted


Maybe it’s high time something would change

The sky shall not fall

Nothing much strange

Just a little away from the hectic stall


You laughed more often than usual

You tried to sound not cruel

You looked more like living

Who believes less taking than giving

You change the picture I form of negative

You switch the peak hour to the one sedative

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