The Grave Gravity

The grave gravity of self guilt

covered beneath a mighty quilt

unafraid it seems

tattered not even in dreams

Just in a feeling of unbelonging

Of failing while forging

Just a bit of latent fear

Which only soul has to bear

No one was always right

And at times totally silly

But we always put a fight

Only with what is in sight

Changes sweep, clocks spun

Life has begun, so has the run

For the glory, forget the fun

because glory is great

In time I learned about fate

And something stirred up the hate

because each time I fail

and each time I believe in next time

Though wonder is this hope true or stale

For long enough has gone on this tale

Yet me, as foolish a trust

It isn’t too late to undo the rust

As unless the core is worst

There’s always a scope of thrust

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