This is where you can find all types of poems be it couplet, haiku, Pastoral,free verse, ballad, imagery, Limerick, Epic poem and of course an elegy. Here you can also find the poetic devices that one might seek be it allegory, alliteration, assonance, consonance, irony, simily, enjambment, metaphor and each of these poems will have rhyme without compromise.

Lap of nature has its own serenity,

Arms of urbanisation has its own thrill

The day has its own cheerfulness

The night has its own beauty

It’s in the eye of beholder and known to many through the pen of a poet.


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Souls Depart|An elegy

The lives and experience that
great humans had is never said to have left the world instead they live on in hearts of admirers and followers the soul is still mystery for science but something natural for ones who believe. In the times to come the loved ones might not be with us in flesh but they will remain in heart until the ends of man kind.

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